EFFE - Malta Hub

ARC is the Malta Hub, the local contact point for the European Festivals Association project co-financed by the European Commission called Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE).


EFFE aims at being a portal for professionals and citizens to discover arts festivals in Europe.


EFFE’s overall aims are to increase access to Europe’s diverse festivals by providing key information on Europe’s arts and cultural festivals, and to enrich the festival landscape and European society by promoting trends in artistic excellence and innovation in festival production.


EFFE believes that it is an important advantage for Europe’s festivals to be recognised by their peers and the European Union for their outstanding quality. The label recipients and award winners benefit from increased visibility, new networking opportunities, foster involvement of festivals in the artistic community, and recognition for their outstanding values.


The festival label and award are a form of branding that encourages more people to know about and take part in festivals. The label aims to be as inclusive as possible in its recognition of ambition and quality, while the award goes to a selected number of the most trend-setting festivals.



EFFE LABELS: 2017-2018, 2019-2020


EFFE LABEL: 2015-2016

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