Peripheries & Centres: Intercultural Perspectives

Sunday 19 March 2017, 17:30 - 19:00

Studio B, St James Cavalier - Valletta, Malta


The Encounter will discuss one of the topics taken up by A Soul for Europe that is really connected to The Mediterranean Dimension project. This involves the relation between peripheries and centres - an aspect that is not usually the centre of attention within the European development process. In the often-used statement "unity in diversity", the role and value of the periphery is often neglected. This negligence does not only allow conflicts and discontentment to emerge, but also does not value the role of the periphery for a successful European integration. Mass media in central Europe is often oblivious to the cultural activities in peripheral countries within and outside the EU - but these do exist, even though they usually fail to find the appreciation or respect from the centre.


Especially in this actual situation of growing anti-European feelings and actions, this is a great chance for cultural and artistic activities to establish contacts, create cooperation, and forge new opportunities. Europe needs to use the specific potential and productivity of the periphery.


The Encounter will also offer examples on how artistic cooperation and exchange can create new partnerships, stimulate common ideas and projects and by means of this, also include new partners in existing networks and projects.


Panel includes:

Emilie Delorme (Director, Académie du Festival d’Aix-en-Provence)

Nele Hertling (Strategy Group, A Soul for Europe)

Nicolas Bertrand (Strategy Group, A Soul for Europe)

Davinia Galea (Managing Director, ARC Research & Consultancy)

Moderator: Mr Ranier Fsadni

The event is free of charge and open on a first come first served basis. Bookings via e-mail: