Intercultural Music Residency

27 February - 6 March 2018

Palazzo de La Salle - Valletta, Malta


The 8-day residency will consist of morning and afternoon sessions conducted by musical mentor Hassan Taha, Syrian composer and oud player. Participating musicians will be collaborating with musicians from the Mediterranean.


Musicians using western instruments (including strings, brass, woodwinds, guitars etc.); musicians using digital equipment; singers (any style including pop, jazz, classical, folk, etc.); and għannejja (Maltese traditional singers/poets) are eligible to apply.


Performances of work created during the residency will take place on Tuesday 6th March between 19:30 and 20:30 at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta (Malta).



  • Participants must be proficient and able to improvise.

  • They are expected to have an artistic personality and a good level of musical improvisation and/or composition (oral or written) of any repertory without limit of style. Musicians should be interested in ensemble playing and the artistic encounter with musicians of other musical cultures.

  • Professionals, amateurs, and students are eligible to apply.



Applicants that reside in Malta need to complete the registration form online.

Applicants that do not reside in Malta will be required to send video recordings of their performance as follows:


Complete the registration form online and add your 2 video links:

  • 1 video recording of an interpretation of a piece from the musicians’ field (jazz standard, traditional tune etc.)

  • 1 video recording of a personal improvisation or composition


Deadline for applications: 2 February 2018

Successful applicants will be contacted by 5 February 2018.