A Chronicle of a Spring not as Planned: Resources for Online Performances

This research project takes its cues from the sudden shift towards online performance to devise an analytical study of the process by which an online performance is devised and delivered. This study takes the online performance 'Il-Kċina ta' Connor' (presented on Zoom in May 2020 as a direct reaction to the COVID crisis) as a case study, building upon existing research through interviews with the production team, as well as the actor and technical director. 


The project aims to capture the spirit of the new realities brought on by Covid-19 through the mind of confined cultural practitioners. It stems from the need to ask questions and seek new ways in which to work in the future. The project's aims are as follows:


  • to research, document and analyse an innovative online performance;

  • to offer support through a short documentary, a toolkit, and a report/academic paper that will be disseminated by various means to the cultural and creative sectors;

  • to offer research of our COVID confinement as a reflective but proactive reaction.



a documentary which sums up and communicates the process of producing an online performance; 

a toolkit in the form of a comparative analysis enabling cultural and creative practitioners and organisations to explore, understand and learn more about the online process;


a report targeting policy-makers and institutions.

The project will explore various challenging elements within the context of an online performance, including the technical aspect of the online production, marketing and communications, audience interaction & feedback, sustainability of such a project and other relevant elements which come up in the process.

if you would like access to the research and/or toolkit when published;

if you would like to share good practices or similar experiments;

if our research is relevant for presentation or dissemination on any of your platforms (networks, platforms, conferences, and/or others).