Toolkit: Online Performances

A Chronicle of a Spring not as Planned

December 2020

This online performance toolkit is one of three outputs developed by ARC as part of the research project 'A Chronicle of a Spring not as Planned: Resources for Online Performances' supported by the Malta Arts Fund Special Call.

The downloadable online resource is ideal for small, independent theatre practitioners looking to create depending completely on digital technology to be shared with and experienced by an audience that does not share the same physical space with the actors.

The resource follows an experimental online theatre performance Mill-Kċina ta' Connor which took place in May 2020. It gathers, in a straightforward visual manner, the experience and recommendations from the producers of the performance, the audiences' feedback, as well as our observations and research processes.

About the toolkit
The toolkit includes:

  • a case study of an online performance
  • key differences in terminology between live and online performance
  • recommendations for technical production, production management, marketing & communications, audiences, and financial sustainability

Other resources

Opportunities for collaboration

ARC continues to follow research and dialogue on the topic of online performances. We invite you to get in touch if there is an opportunity for us to share our resources with your organisation/network/community or if you would like to share your own experience with online performances.

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