Rhythms of the City: a public debate

Saturday 3 March 2018, 10:30-12:30

Cinema, St James Cavalier - Valletta, Malta


"[The shores of the Mediterranean] differ in terms of people and population, ethnicities, history, specific features of the economy, in culture and in religion. How can we not distinguish between the oriental Mediterranean and the occidental Mediterranean, the Aegean and Adriatic Seas, the North Mediterranean that is part of Europe and that of the South, part of Africa? However, the Mediterranean itself imposes common characteristics on these towns, insofar as it is a relatively small, enclosed and limited sea. Anyone who has sailed, irrespective of how much, knows that the waves of the Mediterranean do not resemble those of oceans; a simple but significant detail, in that these waves have and are rhythms. [...] With regard to Mediterranean ports, they are marked by commercial relations that were the beginning of Greek civilisation [...] power and political authorities that sought to dominate the town through the domination of space, were constituted very early. These powers drew and continue to draw on space as a means of control, as a political instrument." (Henri Lefebvre: 'Attempts at the Rhythmanalysis of Mediterranean Cities')


Rhythms of the City: a public debate draws from Lefebvre's provocations in 'Attempts at the Rhythmanalysis of Mediterranean Cities'. The debate will bring together a number of professionals/experts in the fields of interculturalism, multilingualism, cultural festivals and cities - all within the context of this year's The Mediterranean Dimension project.


The debate will start with three main provocations by professionals/experts and lead to reactions from the public.



Dr Mario Frendo 



Prof. Paul Clough 

Dr Immanuel Mifsud 

Dr George Vital Zammit 

The event is free of charge and open on a first come first served basis.

Bookings via e-mail: bonnici.stephanie@gmail.com

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