First Mapping of Arts Festivals in Malta/Gozo

A research project and groundwork for a European Proposal benefiting arts festivals

We are delighted to announce the grant support of Arts Council Malta - Project Research and Development Scheme for the groundwork of a European proposal through mapping of arts festivals in Malta and Gozo.

This research project will enable a mapping of Malta’s arts festivals, looking at short, medium and long-term challenges for these festivals with a focus on upskilling and reskilling, sustainable development, and the digital and green transition. It will also enable the groundwork for a European proposal that aims to enhance the level of collaboration, engagement, and sharing of resources within a network of European festivals. The ultimate aim is to benefit local festivals through the creation of new opportunities and exchanges with their European peers.

EFFE Hub Malta

Since 2014, ARC is the EFFE Hub for Malta within the umbrella organisation of the European Festivals Association (EFA). Our role is that of a national and regional contact point for arts festivals that wish to engage in the EFFE community of festivals. ARC - together with EFA and a number of Collective Affiliate Members and EFFE Hubs - is embarking on this research project together in 2022.

The project is being carried out in collaboration with Festivals Malta and the European Festivals Association.