Resources for Online Performances

Research project supported by the Malta Arts Fund Special Call

o## This research project was based on a study of the online performance Mill-Kċina ta' Connor - presented on Zoom in May 2020 as a direct reaction to the COVID crisis. As a result, we produced a documentary, an online toolkit and an analytic report about online performances.

Project Aims

In May 2020, a group of four local freelancers teamed up to experiment with possibilities and dynamics of online performance (Mill-Kċina ta' Connor)) while Malta was in a semi-lockdown and when the gathering of people in entertainment and performance venues was not allowed. The performance was one of the first efforts to engage with live online possibilities in the performing arts sector in Malta.

Our research project captured the spirit of the new realities brought on by Covid-19 and stemmed from the need to ask questions and seek new ways in which to work in the future. Essentially the project's aims were:

  • to research, document and analyse an innovative online performance;
  • to offer support through a short documentary, a toolkit, and an analytic report for the cultural and creative sectors;
  • to offer research of our COVID confinement as a reflective but proactive reaction

Online Artists Meet-Up

On the 27th October 2020, we hosted an online artists meet-up which consisted of the live streaming of the project documentary and a ZOOM event on the experience of performing online as well as on the future of creating performances for online audiences.

Creative practitioners were invited to share experiences relating to online performances. A number of speakers were invited to join the ZOOM meet-up which ended with a floor discussion:

Q&A on the experience of performing online/for online audiences

  • Malcolm Galea (Mill-Kċina ta’ Connor)
  • Bettina Paris (Moonsploring for Toi Toi Digital Experience & Follow Fruit with Fig for ŻiguŻajg Festival)
  • Jean-Marc Cafa (Ineż (Kienet Perfetta), Studio 18 for ŻiguŻajg Festival)

Panel Discussion on creating performances for online audiences:

  • Marta Vella (Artistic Director, ŻiguŻajg Festival)
  • Paul Sadot (Choreodramaturg, UK)


Opportunities for collaboration

ARC continues to follow research and dialogue on the topic of online performances. We invite you to get in touch if there is an opportunity for us to share our resources with your organisation/network/community or if you would like to share your own experience with online performances.

This research project was supported by the Malta Arts Fund Special Call.